Low experince

Cap 90

Auto events

Free Silk

Daily quests

Pc limit 3

HWID issues

The full solution for incorrect hwid issue.

Well lets devide it into two parts

* First part *

If you get a message once you start the client says
"Disable any used adapters before you may connect to our server"

You have to do the following:

If its already ALL adapters are disabled and you still getting the same message then you have to disable your working adapter and enable it again

* Second part *
If you don't get any notice message like this

You have to install the required visual c++ which included with the game folder
if you missed it, or accidentally deleted you can download it

In case you still have the same issue then you can open a support ticket we will try to help you as soon as possible.

* Sbot issue *
If you're facing issues regarding sbot login just do the following settings

* Mbot issue *
If your bot doesn't work, just download and use this version
Note: This bot has been uploaded by a player and it its infected, we are not responsible for anything happens to your PC

المشكلة هنقسمها لجزئيين

* الجزء الأول *

لو ظهر رساله مكتوب فيها كده
"Disable any used adapters before you may connect to our server"

هتعمل التالي:

هتعمل disable لكل حاجه موجوده ماعدا اللي شغال عند ولو كله اصلاً مقفول ولسه بيجيلك نفس الرساله اعمل Disable للي شغال و Enable

* الجزء التاني *
لو مش بيظهرلك اي رسالة زي دي

لازم تعمل setup للبرنامج ده اللي موجود مع فولدر اللعبه
لو مش موحود عندك او اتمسح بالغلط ممكن تنزله من هنا download

لو لسه عندك نفس المشكلة بعد ما تعمل كل ده ممكن تفتح Support ticket

* Sbot issue *
لو بيواجهك مشكلة في الدخول بال Sbot اعمل نفس اللي ف الصورة

* Mbot issue *
لو ال Mbot مش شغال ممكن تنزله من هنا download
ملحوظة: البوت تم رفعه بواسطه لاعب ويحتوي علي فايرس.. الادراة غير مسؤوله عن اي اضرار