Low experince

Cap 90

Auto events

Free Silk

Daily quests

Pc limit 3

Latest News

Version 42

Change log -Forgot password option
-Fix pills bug
-Disable reverse during job
-New Avatar
-New Weapon style switcher
-Enabled dropping inside town
-Disable Black res skill totally
-Major fixes for HWID (PC limit error/revofile.dll damaged messages)
-Lock feature includes
*Updating STR/INT
*Updating SKILL.
*Selling item in NPC.
*Dropping GOLD/ITEM.
*AVATAR BLUES granting.
*GUILD kick.
*GUILD disband(remove).
*GUILD leave.
*GUILD donate sp.
*GUILD promote.
*GUILD storage.

* How to use Model Switch?
1.Put the required item at the first slot in your inventory
2.Use the scroll
Note: In case if the item isnt switchable the scroll will be given back to you.

* How can I check end date for the model switcher?
1.Go to www.revo-network.com
3.Extra -> Model Switch
4.You will be able to see the end dates for your items and slot number

* How to use lock system?

Write in normal chat !lock then type your password
Example: !lock 1234567
Note: Password cant be changed atm, so keep it safe from people

* How can I unlock my character?

!lock 1234567
Example: !lock 1234567
it will lock and unlock your character

Version 30

Version 30
- New webpage style
* Mobile friendly
* Huge performance improvements
* New support ticketing system
* New features will be added soon
- New +12 glow

Version 29.1

version 29.1:
-Job rank has been reset
-Job reward has been given to top jobbers

Version 29.0

version 29:
-Improve server performance
-Fix bard skills thanks to Ni3th report
-Ability to mix up character effects
-Improve auto events performance
-New avatar has been added
-Fix Job levels name

Version 28

version 28:
- FAQ is updated.
- New auto inquiry system inside the server (under development)
- Fix login issues
- Clean revofile.dll viruses
- Fix server sudden restarts
- Disable party inside Last man standing event area
- Disable zerk usage inside Last man standing event area

Version 27

version 27:
- Improved server preformance
- Add silk/hour 1 character per PC
- Fix auto login for bots
- New automatic events has been added
- FW time changed to 17:00
- Official new auto events time has been added

Version 25/26

version 25/26:
-Improved server preformance

Version 24

version 24:
-Fixed stuck and lag while attacking
-Disabled auto login for bots temperory

Version 23

version 23:
-Fix Some HWID issues

Version 22

version 22:
-Fix auto login for mbot
-Fix some lag causes
-Fix some HWID issues